Goblins vs Zombies

goblins vs zombiesIf you’re that type of gamer who plays both the boardgames and the computer ones you must remember how popular some time ago were all those tower defence games. Like for instance Plants vs Zombies with it’s funny graphics and loads of humor. If someone could make a boardgame out of World of Warcraft then why not make a card game in a tower defence style? Is it possible? Sure it is. And we’re presenting you a proof of this. Here’s Goblins vs Zombies by Jack Darwid Games which came to us after this Kickstarter campaign. Continue reading Goblins vs Zombies

Let’s start

logo na strone v2 maleMore and more people ask us can we get a bit more international and provide an English translation of our reviews. That is why we decided to write in both languages – Polish and English. At first we’re gonna translate mostly those reviews about which we’re being asked by publishers and game designers, but hopefully in no time we’ll manage to publish all our post in both languages.